Harmony, elegence, comfort and ethics, inspire the choice of materials which create the DIAMA style

Natural materials

All the materials are natural and guaranteed to be ecologically sound. Organic cotton from Mali, linen, bamboo, silk and wool are either left with their natural colours or are dyed using organic plant extracts

Ethical relationships

Partner have been established with a team of highly skilled and experienced artisans in Mali, Senegal and France. All our products are fair trade and ecologically sustainable.

Wrap yourself up, relax and snuggle into a completely natural, handwoven, ethical fabric.


The company Fibretic was created in 2007 and offered an organic handwoven corron collection for spas and care professionals. clients include names like Dr Hauschka, a reference in the spa world.

In 2014 Fibretic launched DIAMA; a high quality "soft wear" label, bringing together the knowledge and experience gathered over seven years of research and development into innovative fabric blends and weaving techniques.

Martine Gueye, founder

"I've always been fascinated by handwoven fabrics, a universal and identifying language that emanates from every culture. It is a great pleasure to work on the DIAMA brand with all these resources, in a shared passion of innovation and excellence."